Lviv : Some FACTS


Lviv is a unique combination of Western and Eastern cultures. Where else can one see such wonderful samples of Ukrainian, Polish, Armenian, Jewish, German, Austrian and other cultures within a span of a 10-minute walk?


Lviv is a hidden pearl of Europe, which is slowly being discovered by the world. Even experienced travelers say that for them Lviv is one of the most unexpected discoveries.


Lviv is a city full of art.

On the one hand, it is the city of classical art.


The Lviv Opera House, The Lviv Symphony, countless Art Galleries are places that can satisfy the demands of true admirers of the classical arts.


On the other hand, it is the city of fresh new ideas, interesting people and fascinating contemporary events.


A place for true foodies, party goers and music fans!

Taste traditional dishes at the local Culinary festival, the Chocolate festival or the Wine and Cheese festival, then participate in a populous festive parade during one of the numerous religious holidays, and later on enjoy jazz performances of world renowned stars.

You can find yourself in the midst of festivities in completely unexpected places, not just the central squares and concert halls. 


True fans of Lviv come to the city several times a year, because they don’t want to miss their favorite events.

Don’t miss out on yet another fantastic event that the IUDCF will be!


The city offers a variety of sightseeing and leisure options.

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