You're cordially invited to the 2020 International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival! 

    Attend and participate in the IUDCF in the magical city of Lviv, known as the 'Soul of Ukraine'


    IUDCF takes place in the magical city of Lviv, Ukraine – a real life wonderland, which everyone should visit at least once!

    Every year, we want to feature not just the talent from around the world of Ukrainian diaspora, but also the truly amazing ensembles      from around Ukraine!


    Every year we pick a renowned Ukrainian song and dance ensemble as our Host Group, which for years has been promoting the art      of Ukrainian dance, putting on workshops and seminars for Ukrainian dancers and singers from around the world!


    The Festival gives participants a chance to learn from true gurus of Ukrainian dance, song and music, perform for an international          audience and truly represent their country and their community!


    It is thanks to groups and individuals like yourselves that the Ukrainian spirit, culture and traditions live on, withstanding time and            distances.

    Join us August 14-17, 2020


    If you'd like to arrange a custom performing tour for your Group or for participation details,

    please email